Gratis sommerbus

Nu har Møn fået sin egen Hop on - Hop off sommerbus, som helt GRATIS transporterer glade turister rundt på øen. Bussen kører mandag og torsdag til og med den 27. august 2020.

GRATIS hop on - hop off sommerbus

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Sommer i Vores Natur

Under sloganet ’Sommer i Vores Natur’ inviteres befolkningen med ud på en rejse gennem nogle af de smukkeste og mest unikke naturområder i Møn Biosfæreområde. Gennem hele sommeren er der spændende aktiviteter, ture og oplevelser i vores natur.

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Galleri Warrer
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Fantastic Møns Klint!

The towering white chalk cliffs fall dramatically against the turquoise green sea, and standing on the beach below, you can experience for a moment just how small and insignificant human beings are! Spend some time at Møns Klint and you might see the peregrine falcon hunt or find exciting fossils and amber at the water's edge.

One of the World's Most Beautiful Places!

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Find your Accommodation on Møn

Møn has a large and varied range of accommodations, whether you are seeking a cozy Bed and Breakfast, a campsite, a nice hotel or a spacious holiday home.

Bed and Breakfasts

The island of Møn has lots of cozy Bed and Breakfasts. Find your next Bed and Breakfast in the wild or in the middle of the medieval town of Stege.


With its beautiful nature and closeness to the sea, Møn is an obvious place to go camping.


Try one of Møn’s nice hotels on your next visit to the area.

Book a Vacation Home

If you are looking for a holiday home, the island of Møn has lots of great options for small and large groups.

Feriepartner Møn-Stevns

Feriepartner Møn-Stevns has a large selection of lovely holiday homes in the area. Book her!

Three welcoming "capitals" on Møn

There are many cozy and "buzzing" cities on Møn with lots of life. Three of these are Stege, Nyord and Klintholm Harbor. Read more about them here.

Stege City

Stege is one of the old market towns in Denmark. The town grew in the medieval times herring tale. Stege is today a modern and living city with a lot of different good restaurants and shops.


The car-free island is quite an experience: enchanted woods, bird sanctuaries, bulk buying of whisky and a carefree island lifestyle. Nyords expansive meadows host thousands of birds, and the grocery store Noorbohandelen is an attraction in its own right. Pick a juniper berry on Ulvs...

Klintholm Harbour

Klintholm Havn is a small harbour town with a large port on the easternmost part of the island of Møn, and with approximately 200 inhabitants it’s absolutely worth a visit. It consists of a fishing harbour and a large marina with about 200 slips, as well as a child-friendly beach. Klinthol...

Many great things to do on South Zealand

South Zealand is definitely worth a visit and, like Møn, the area is packed with experiences in play, nature, arts, crafts, food, restaurants and much more.


Historical Vordingborg

Vordingborg - a small, magical corner of Denmark - with unique history, culture, unique musical offerings and superb gastronomy.

Cozy Præstø

Take a nice stroll and enjoy the sunset at the harbor on Præstø Fjord. Hop into a cafe and enjoy a coffee or a nice meal. You can easily spend hours enjoying Præstø.

On Møn we see light in the Dark

In 2017, Møn & Nyord was recognized as one of the darkest and best places in Northern Europe to stargaze. Come see for yourself and visit Dark Sky Park Møn & Nyord to get even closer to the Milky Way!

Experience the Milky Way and stargaze in Dark Sky Park Møn and Nyord

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Møn UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. We look after nature!

Møn Biosphere offers 450 square kilometers of unique and rich nature on land and in the water. Therefore, the area was designated as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Man and nature in beautiful union on Møn

Photo: Thomas IX

One of a Kind Galleries and Handicrafts

On Møn and South Zealand there are artists and creative souls everywhere, and it is a delight to see the many crafts and galleries in the area.

Unique, high quality handicrafts

Møn is known for its many craftsmen who have settled in the quiet and inspiring area. Find exciting ceramic works, jewelry and more, as you move around the beautiful island.

Exciting galleries and local art

Many artists have traveled time and time again to Møn, whose nature has at all times inspired creative pursuits. Møn is specially known for its many art galleries, where you can experience the local, as well as internationally renowned art, when visiting the island.

Cool snorkeling spots on Møn and South Zealand

If you want to see what is happening below the surface of the water, then Møn and South Zealand are an obvious place to visit. We have identified 10 of the coolest snorkeling spots in the area, where the whole family can go on an adventurous exploration.

Come along beneath the surface...

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