Fantastic Møns Klint!

The towering white chalk cliffs fall dramatically against the turquoise green sea, and standing on the beach below, you can experience for a moment just how small and insignificant human beings are! Spend some time at Møns Klint and you might see the peregrine falcon hunt or find exciting fossils and amber at the water's edge.

On Møn we see light in the Dark

In 2017, Møn & Nyord was recognized as one of the darkest and best places in Northern Europe to stargaze. Come see for yourself and visit Dark Sky Park Møn & Nyord to get even closer to the Milky Way!

Møn UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. We look after nature!

Møn Biosphere offers 450 square kilometers of unique and rich nature on land and in the water. Therefore, the area was designated as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Cool snorkeling spots on Møn and South Zealand

If you want to see what is happening below the surface of the water, then Møn and South Zealand are an obvious place to visit. We have identified 10 of the coolest snorkeling spots in the area, where the whole family can go on an adventurous exploration.