Dark sky moensklint

Dark Sky on Møn & Nyord

The bright and starry sky above Møn and Nyord is unique. That’s why Møn and Nyord were designated as the first ever dark sky park and community in the
Nordic region. In a Dark Sky Park, the night darkness is protected against local light pollution.

A great experience for your senses!

Dark Sky Møn and Nyord is an experience for your senses and can be observed all year round. On a late summer night the Milky Way will be shown as a broad milk-white band of light that stretches all over the sky and disappears behind the Baltic Sea’s horizon, filled with swirling stars and black dust clouds in between. On August nights, you can spend the evening counting shooting star, and in the fall you can observe the Milky Way neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy, like a little foggy cloud in the night sky. Although it’s 2.4 million light years away, it’s easy to do observations with the naked eye. And in December, the long, dark nights will light up a true firework display of shooting stars.

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Hyldevang Nature Center

Fantastiske stjernespots!

Dark Sky when it's cloudy?

Even when the sky is totally overcasted, the undisturbed night darkness can be an unforgettable experience, as it opens up to sounds, aromas and unexpected sensuality, which most of us no longer experience in the modern life. Embark on a nightwalk with one of our Dark Sky guides, stay at a Dark Sky Certified Accommodation or visit the Damsholte Oberservatory.