Liselund - the old castle on Moen

Liselund Park was designed at the end of the 17th century and is one of Denmark´s and The Nordic countries finest examples of a romantic English inspired garden.

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Schweizer hytten

The Swiss House

The Schweitzer cottage is placed near the entrance to the park it was made approximately in 1795. This cottage can be seen as a more rustic version of the castle. The Schweitzer cottage has from the beginning been used as a home for the parks attendant.                                                                      


Det Norske hus

The Norwegian house

The wooden Norwegian house which is placed in the glade was also build as a guesthouse. There was a special concern for the tired guest as the shutters on the windows was formed as a half-moon.                                                                                                                                            




Kinesiske tehus

Chinese Pavilion

The Chinese pavilion is placed in the northern part of the park. The pavilion is decorated inside with beech wooden furniture´s which was painted so they would look like they were made of bamboo. The Chinese pavilion was used as a the-house.                                                                              




Loo and ice house

The practical buildings are the two toilets, one by the old castle and one by the Norwegian house. They are boarded with wood so they look like woodpiles.  A round straw house by the Schweitzer house is an ice house, in here they could store ice cut out from the big ice blocks during the winter, so they could keep the food cold during summer.