Dark Sky above Moen and Nyord

The clear and densely packed starry sky above Moen and Nyord is unique in eastern Denmark.

That is why a work of establishing the first nordic International Dark Sky Park and International Dark Sky Community has begun.

In a Dark Sky Park, the darkness of the night is protected from local light pollution in order for you to experience the best and clearest view of the starry sky. 

Dark Sky above Moen and Nyord is an experience for all senses, all ages and during all seasons of the year.

On a late summer’s night on Moen and Nyord, you can observe the Milky Way as a broad, whitish band of light stretching across the sky which disappears in the Baltic horizon, full of swirling star clouds and nebulas up between the stars. In the quiet and warm nights of August, many a shooting star can be observed crossing the Milky Way. In autumn, the Milky Way can still be seen, but its neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy, appears in the northeast as a tiny foggy cloud. Although it is 2.4 million light-years away, it is still easy to spot on the dark sky over Moen and Nyord.

In December, the long nights are lit up by a firework display of the many stars. A group of local enthusiasts are thus working to establish Moen and Nyord as Scandinavia's first Dark Sky Park and Community.

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Møns Klint

One of Denmark's most marvellous natural wonders.