Fishing Zealand – sustainable angling

Fishing Zealand works to achieve sustainable fishing on e.g. Moen and works for a better quality of our watercourses as well as giving young and vulnerable people the opportunities to experience the joy of fishing. Fishing Zealand consist of a cooperation between three different municipalities, several tourist boards, Danish Anglers' Association, local businesses, associations and a lot of volunteer anglers.

Sustainable fishing is the key word, and it is first and foremost about improving nature, the water environment as well as the fishing opportunities on Zealand and the islands. Use of nature goes hand in hand with the protection of nature. Remember this when you go fishing on Moen.

But this all requires a good water environment and healthy fish stocks. Fishing Zealand and the many volunteers are actively working for a better quality of watercourses in order to improve spawning and nursery conditions for trout, pike, perch and other fish species. 

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