Great fishing spots on Moen

Before your trip, it's obviously good to know where to find the best fishing spots on Moen. Get your inspiration here and find out where you would like to go fishing on Moen.

Download the leaflet providing you with an easy overview of all the good places on Moen.

You can also find the good fishing spots via an angler app about eastern Moen. The app is free to download and full of extraordinary photos, video clips of Moens Klint as well as spectacular images of the seabed along the coast of Moen. Here you will find not only the best fishing spots but also descriptions with hints and tips from the local fishing guide.

If you know of a fishing ground which is not included in the app or if you have got a hot tip or description of other experiences at Moens Klint, then please write an email to app@moenskl....

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