The UNESCO is marking the island of Moen by the appointment as the first Danish Biosphere Reserve, as a place of unique nature with a population that works to reconcile life, work and nature.
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

With a size of 450 square kilometers, Moen represents most Danish natural types on land and in water. The bright starry night sky without light pollution, appointed as international Dark Sky Park, and the rich, well-preserved cultural heritage is also part of the biosphere reserve.

Five main types of landscapes describe the Biosphere Reserve:

  • Moens Klint and High Moen
  • The glacial landscapes at Western Moen with moraines, kettle holes, hat-shaped hills, melt water deposits and valleys
  • Post-glacial landscapes created through erosion and transport of material as beach embankments and tidal meadows
  • Baltic Sea, inlets and coves
  • 185 km of coastline with different types of landscape, which is still experiencing great change

During your stay, you will have the unique opportunity to experience almost the entire Danish nature at once. Take care of it, together with us. Watch the nature, while you enjoy this. Go on exploration on foot, by bike, in the sea kayak or on board one of our traditional ships, on horseback or in your own car.

Let yourself be impressed by nature, inspired by creative artists and chefs, taste the local specialties. Enjoy the silence, dive under the surface of the Baltic Sea and into the depths of the great starry sky, challenge yourself to a run or a cycling trip on Denmark's mountain stage.

We look forward to welcoming you again and again.

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