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Prepare all the practical stuff for your fishing trip to Moen. Get to know where to buy gear and fishing licenses and get to understand the rules for anglers, including rules such as preserved zones and minimum fish sizes.

Rules for anglers
There are some very specific rules you should know as an angler before you go on a fishing trip. Read more about conservation areas, closed seasons, minimum size of the fish and how to behave around the fishing waters.

Fishing license
Before you go fishing, you need to purchase the right license(s). People between 18 and 65 years of age need to invest in a fishing license – whether you intend to fish in fresh water or salt water. The fishing license can be purchased at

The fishing license is valid for one year for a price of DKK 185. As a tourist, it is also possible to buy only a day license for DKK 40 or a weekly license for DKK 130. The money helps supporting fish, water stream and spawning care.

In addition to the fishing license, which entitle you to even fish at all, you might experience having to purchase an additional day or season license in order to fish in certain waters. The fishing license is sufficient on the coasts and in the fiords where fishing is open to all. But in some water streams and lakes, which are owned by associations, you might have to purchase an extended angling license. Remember always to check local regulations for specific fishing waters before starting to fish. And remember also the generally applicable traffic- and landowner’s rules. They can be found at the Danish Nature Agency's website. 

Where to buy fishing tackle
It is important to have the right gear when you go fishing. 

Stege has the country's only shop named ‘Cut-Cod’ where you can not only buy fishing tackle but also get a haircut before your fishing trip. The store is centrally located in Stege.

Fishing tackle can also be purchased in ‘SuperBrugsen’ in Lendemarke in Stege.




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