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Would you like to catch the fish of the day at Denmark’s longest coastline? On Moen you have the opportunity to experience fantastic fishing with both brackish water, coastal and trolling fishing.

Trolling Fishing
Trolling Fishing has become more and more popular along the coasts of Zealand in recent years, and not without reason.
Everywhere there are excellent opportunities to capture stunning silvery sea trout. Especially in the waters around Moen, one can experience spectacular salmon fishing with the possibility of catching heavyweight fish. Trolling fishing takes place from special trolling boats that can be rigged up with several rods, fitted with bait and fishing in different depths and at different angles from the boat itself.

Trolling fishing requires quite extensive equipment. Fortunately, there are by now several providers of guided trolling where all the necessary equipment is provided.

In Klintholm harbour on eastern Moen there are good facilities for handling trolling boats. Trolling fishing in Klintholm harbour has in the later years grown to be the place in Denmark with most boats fishing for the sought-after salmon. Klintholm harbour is located at the centre of some of Northern Europe's best fishing spots. Find contact information for Klintholm harbour here.
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Fishing from the coast
Here you will get good advice on coastal fishing all year round, and on what tackle to bring for fishing along the shores of Moen.

It is possible to fish along the shores of Moen all year-round, but of course fishing changes during the seasons. Typically, we talk about spring, summer, autumn and winter fishing. Peak seasons are the periods from March to May and again from August to October. 

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Brackish water fishing
The Baltic Sea is characterized by very low salt concentrations. In fact, in many areas they are so low that pike, perch and ide - fish that normally live in fresh waters – are highly represented here. In these brackish areas encompassing open coastal sites, large bays, inlets, lagoons, fiords and coves, you can experience exciting fishing of carnivorous fish. Due to the abundant food supplies and a very favorable habitat, they grow larger and stronger than their land-stricken family members. 

The variety of species in the brackish waters can be quite impressive. Not only are there plenty of prey, but there are also lots of exciting carnivorous fish which the angler can pursue.  

Southern Zealand has some amazing natural brackish areas with large fish populations. For the angler the unique brackish pike and perch populations are the most interesting. Due to their strong stamina, fast growth potential, energetic behavior and tough fights, these brackish pikes attract the attention of many fishermen from Denmark and abroad. On a good day you can have a great fishing experience with lots of large fish. And it is impor- tant both for ourselves and future generations that we cherish and protect these areas. Before you begin fishing in the brackish waters, there are some rules you have to follow know. Read more here.

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