Stege is one of Denmark's old market towns and the main city on Moen. Visit this charming medieval town with all it's shops and restaurants.

The city became big in the Middle Age with the ”Herring adventure” in Oresund. Stege had a lot of different market booths placed on the Herring market in Skanør, there were so many booths from Stege that they nearly created their own part of town.

The Middle Age are still present today in Stege. You can e.g. experience “Mølleporten” which is one of the last preserved town gates from the Middle Age, and you can feel the old days while walking through the many old crooked streets in Stege.

Stege is however also a modern and living city with a lot of good restaurants and shops. The trade association in Stege arranges many different events and activities all year round. One of the most popular events is the “Tuesday Market”, which you can visit every Tuesday in July. The 
Tuesday market is for all ages with many different activities, events and music.

Stege is placed in the centre of Moen. You can drive from the eastside of Moen to the west by car in less than one hour which gives you the possibility to shop with the nature, beaches and forests nearby.



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