Use the local fishing guide

When going fishing with family and friends with a wish to actually catch something, it is a good idea to go fishing with one of our local fishing guides.

A local guide knows the area as thoroughly as his own waders and will make sure that you are fishing in the right place at the right time - and with the right methods.

If you and your family or friends are going on an extended fishing expedition, it is money well spent to book a guide for your first day.

Our local guides are trained to guide you and lead you on the trail of a good catch. Apart from high standards in fish expertise and local knowledge, the guide’s training and education also ensure that first aid certificate, boat license and instructor experience are in order. By booking a guide you are ensured a competent, educational and memorable experience at the angling waters.

A guide is the best possible starting point for improving your future fishing. 

Our guides are trained in a cooperation between Fishing Zealand and the Danish Anglers Association. They have many years of experience with the fishing waters of Moen and with fishing trips for both adults and children.

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