Møn - an island to experience!


You're not going to get bored!

Møn is the perfect place to go if you love holidays with lots of outdoor activities. Surrounded by water, Møn offers the opportunity for snorkeling and diving, swimming at beautiful beaches, sailing, kayaking and much more. We also have one of Denmark's best golf courses, some of the most beautiful cycling routes, and fantastic hikes which allow you to experience our special nature up close.

Beautiful Møn and the Scenic Nature

5 natural pearls on Møn

Møn is world-renowned for its beautiful nature, which offers, among other things, the dramatic and beautiful Møns Klint and the seductive and romantic Liselund Gardens. We have collected 5 "must-sees" in nature that you should experience when you are on Møn.

Dark Sky on Møn & Nyord

The bright and starry sky above Møn and Nyord is unique. That’s why Møn and Nyord were designated as the first ever dark sky park and community in the Nordic region. In a Dark Sky Park, the night darkness is protected against local light pollution.

Møn UNESCO Biosphere

Meet the unique scenery on Møn, and the surrounding waters and islands, which in 2017 was designated as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere and recognized as world-class!

Sports, playing and fun on holiday. The possibilities are endless!

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Great experiences with hiking and cycling on Møn

Hiking trails on Møn

Across Møn there are countless hiking trails that can be enjoyed at all hours of the day throughout the year. No matter whether you are interested in the forest, flowers, beach or chalk cliffs, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature on foot. With differing levels of terrain and ...


The Camøno is a 175 km-long hiking trail on Møn, Bogø and Nyord. The route is known as Denmark’s friendliest hiking trail as you come through Møn’s local communities and meet the many enthusiasts on the islands. A good starting point is Møns Museum in Stege, where you can also get an...

Cycling trails on Møn

If you are going on a day-trip or a several day bike ride, Møn is the perfect place to visit! It is easy to get around and see the beautiful nature and explore our many sights, but it can also provide great exercise for those who want to venture our many hills and the forest on East Møn. B...

Unique historical experiences on Møn

Møn is a historic treasure with a wide selection of museums, monuments and churches.

Churches and frescoes

The churches in the across Møn are many, beautiful and diverse! Many art historians believe that medieval frescoes are one of Denmark's most important contributions to world of art. Møn has no less than three of the country's finest frescoes, made by the so-called Elmelund master.

7 impressive ancient monuments & tombs

Møn is one of the areas in Denmark that has the closest concentration of dolmens and megalithic tombs. Thus, on Møn you will find some of Denmark's most beautiful and best preserved past memories. If you are interested in ancient monuments, then Møn is an obvious place to explore!

4 interesting museums on Møn

On Møn we welcome all ages in our museums and exhibition venues. We have identified 5 interesting experiences below that will inspire you with cultural and historical experiences the whole family can enjoy.

Anglers paradise

Photo: Thomas Ix

Cool experiences on and in the water

Boat trips in the scenic nature

Sail with Discovery


UNderwater DIscovery and Nature Experience


Kayak, Paddle board, SUP og mere!

Fantastic Møns Klint!

Møns Klint is a great place for anyone who loves nature The highest point of the cliffs rest 128 meters above sea-level and the coastline is approx. 7 km long. The sight of the cliff testifies to the enormous forces of nature that have created Denmark. On Møn the nature is quite unique and you can find both plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in Denmark. The high calcium content found in the soil is among the many reasons why there are about 20 species of wild orchids in the area.

Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a great place for anyone who loves nature The cliff rises 128 meters above sea level and the coastline is approx. 7 km long. The sight of the cliff testifies to the enormous forces of nature that have created Denmark. Here nature is unique, and you can find both plants and...

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