Møn - an island to experience!


You're not going to get bored!

Møn is the perfect place to go if you love holidays with lots of outdoor activities. Surrounded by water, Møn offers the opportunity for snorkeling and diving, swimming at beautiful beaches, sailing, kayaking and much more. We also have one of Denmark's best golf courses, some of the most beautiful cycling routes, and fantastic hikes which allow you to experience our special nature up close.

Sports, playing and fun on holiday. The possibilities are endless!

Fantastic Møns Klint!

Møns Klint is a great place for anyone who loves nature The highest point of the cliffs rest 128 meters above sea-level and the coastline is approx. 7 km long. The sight of the cliff testifies to the enormous forces of nature that have created Denmark. On Møn the nature is quite unique and you can find both plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in Denmark. The high calcium content found in the soil is among the many reasons why there are about 20 species of wild orchids in the area.