The Goose Tower and Moat in Vordingborg

Historical Vordingborg

The capital of the South - The center of Vordingborg offers a wealth of shops and educational environments, whose students contribute to the city's cultural events. In Vordingborg you will also find the Danish Castle Center, which tells the story of castles, kings and the middle ages.

With its 12,000 inhabitants, Vordingborg is the municipality's largest commercial city. Directly opposite the ruins with the Goose Tower and the Danish Castle Center, the city's shopping district starts, where there are a wealth of cafes, specialty shops and not least "Stars" - the region's largest concert venue.

In the Middle Ages, the narrow waters in front of the castle were extensively used by seafarers who in war and peace had errands to and from Denmark's most important royal castle. At that time, from the vantage point on the foundations of the old castle tower, "The Virgin Tower", you could enjoy the magnificent view from the castle in out towards Storstrømmen. Storstrømmen, or The Great Stream, is a straight that separates the islands of Zealand and Falster.

Become part of the Middle Ages at Denmark's Castle Centre!

Denmark's Castle Center

Become part of the Middle Ages at Denmark's Castle Centre!

From the ruins you can look across to the peninsula of Oringe and the town's cozy North harbor with a café and a fishmonger. The city's South harbor is under construction to transform from an industrial port into the city's new housing area where "Kulturarkaden", a library, music school and cultural arts and events facility is based.

It is exciting to visit Masnedø via the Masnedsund Bridge. At Masnedø there is a large military fortress right next to the water. This fortress was erected in the early 1900s and was attacked by German paratroopers during World War II. In 1952 the fort became a mining depot and in 1973 it was run as a military facility. Masnedø is open to the public and is used in the summer, among other things, as a special location for annual art exhibitions and for the garage-rock festival, Gutter Island.

In Vordingborg you will also find Ore Strand, which is the city's local beach. Many roads lead through a residential neighborhood down to the beach and large green areas, which in 2008 was awarded the Blue Flag because of its high environmental and quality standards.

Vordingborg is also known for its festivals: the July festival party, the children's festival "Wild Volcanoes," and the castle days on the ruins. In addition, the international theater festival, Waves, is held here every two years.