Camønoen with Friends


Enjoy fresh air, light exercise, and unique scenery along Camønoen's 175-kilometer route. No matter if you are alone or with your loved one, take the route one day at a time, or all 12 legs of the route in a row, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Camønoen--The Kingdom's Friendliest Hiking Trail

Camøno buddis


Going on one, several, or perhaps even all 12 legs of the Camøno route, while enjoying the surrounding nature, is a special experience that both locals and guests can enjoy year round. 

The Camøno route itself, and the beautiful scenery along the route, have been looked after and cared for not only by the Municipality of Vordingborg, but also by many passionate souls who created, developed and supported the project along the way.

When Tina and Marianne were out hiking on Møn a few years back, they got the idea for the route, and together with friends and support from the Municipality of Vordingborg and RealDania, their idea became a reality! With funds from RealDania, Camønoen could be realized, and with the help of landscape architects, GIS people, archaeologists, historians, communication people, road people, craftsmen and even more dedicated volunteers the route has been developed and maintained.

There are many dedicated volunteers on Møn and in the area, which help to keep the route clean and neat, offer food, accommodation (and some event a toilet/bath!) to the guests of Camønoen, and some are even available to entertain guests during their trip on the Camønoen.

It takes a village to preserve Camønoen, as well as the world-class nature on Møn and Nyord, which was designated in 2017 as both the Nordic region's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the first Dark Sky Park and Community.

Come join and experience Camønoen, Denmark's (and maybe Northern Europe's) friendliest hiking trail!

Camøno along the beach
Camønoen i Kinteskov
Camønoen med famillie

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