Møn UNESCO Biosfære

Møn UNESCO Biosphere

Meet the unique scenery on Møn, and the surrounding waters and islands, which in 2017 was designated as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere and recognized as world-class!



Welcome to Møn UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The Møn Biosphere offers 450 square kilometers of unique and species-rich nature, both on land and in the sea, as well as an undisturbed night sky, where you can see all the way to the next galaxy on a starry night. In 2017, Møn was therefore designated as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the first Dark Sky Park and Community in Northern Europe.

Both designations pay homage to Møn’s nature as being world-class, while also recognizing the efforts of locals who work to develop society in pact with nature.

The biosphere is the space around us with all habitats and species on land, in the water and in the air. The biosphere is our common basis of existence, and we have a special responsibility to protect it. Of all the UNESCO programs, biosphere reserves are locations which place the most emphasis on people.

On this page, and in the attached leaflet, you can read how you can experience and be an active part of the Møn Biosphere. We welcome you to our 10 unique experiences in the Møn UNESCO Biosphere and Dark Sky Park.


The Møn Biosphere Reserve is proof of what can happen when local residents and organizations work together to protect nature and operate in line with the UN's World Sustainable Development Goals," said Bo Manderup-Jensen, President of UNESCO Denmark.

Three focus areas for Møn UNESCO Biosphere

As part of UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" program, conservation, learning and development of the Møn UNESCO Biosphere is possible due to support from the Municipality of Vordingborg and cooperation between many actors.

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