Præstø Square

Romantic Præstø

Only a half hour from Møn lies the romantic market town of Præstø, with an atmosphere on the fjord and a harbor oozing with nostalgia and romance. Ships still come to Præstø, and with 300 places to sit the harbor is a paradise for sailors. Præstø is an lovely town situation on the water.

The town of Præstø is a cozy little trading town with good opportunities to have a nostalgic day with the whole family.

The old houses in Præstø wind up and down well-preserved streets, where you can almost smell the good old days.

H.C. Andersen, Grundtvig and Thorvaldsen often visited the area. Thorvaldsen made many of his famous works in a studio that still exists at Nysø Gods, which is also known for its fine art collection. The now internationally renowned artist Jeppe Hein, who grew up in the Præstø area, designed the ingenious fountain at Præstø Harbor.

The fjord is the heart of Præstø. At the harbor one senses life as it was 100 years ago, when ships had regularly scheduled shipping schedules laden with fuel, timber and agricultural goods to the capital. 

It was in the Jungshoved area around Præstø that the Governor, Sønder Poulsen, with his guerilla war, added severe losses to the enemy during the Swedish wars back in 1658-59.

In Præstø you will find several good places to eat and stay.