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UNDINE Snorkel Spots

A Paradise for Snorkeling and Diving

The Baltic Sea is a truly unique natural area both above and below sea-level. The meeting between salt and fresh water in narrow streams, fjords and inlets gives an exceptionally rich life. A life that few people know about, as life beneath the surface is, in many ways, a closed and hidden world. Snorkeling at Møns Klint is, for example. a truly unique experience. In addition to offering some of Denmark's most fantastic scenery far above the sea, there is a hidden world at Møns Klint to explore on the sea floor.

Dive underneath and experience the Baltic Seas diverse animal life at one of these 10 spots




When snorkeling as a beginner, you should follow advice: learn to swim, never go alone in the water, read the wind and water, get to know the beach and do not let children out of sight. Like scuba divers, you should have a "dive buddy," so you keep an eye on each other two and two. In odd numbers, one can form a team of three. Do not use a lead belt until you have snorkeling control.


Always follow the rules according to your diving certificate. You are responsible for your own safety and be sure to use surface buoys. The current can vary in strength and direction, and you should be at least two people when diving. Read more on the Danish Sports Diving Association's website http://www.sportsdykning.dk.


Call 112. Provide your starting address.


A great and exciting experience awaits you beneath the surface. Always be aware that underwater nature is vulnerable and is the habitat for the species you encounter during your excursion. Move carefully and avoid disturbing the nature. Enjoy the sight and give yourself plenty of time to immerse yourself in the exciting impressions.

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UNDINE Snorkel Spots

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