Snorkeling at the White Cliffs of Møn

Snorkeling at the White Cliffs of Møn UNESCO biosphere area
Come along and experience the fantastic world beneath the water with GeoCenter Møns Klint’s snorkeling tours, situated in Denmark's most spectacular natural surroundings.

You will experience breathtaking natural views when you stand at the edge of the cliffs with the magnificent panoramic vista of the Baltic Sea. Steep chalk cliffs meet the sea along 6 kilometres of coastline. It indicates just how the mighty glaciers during the last ice age pushed the old, chalky seabed upwards - and how Denmark was born. But the best part is hidden from most people. You have to go beneath the surface to get the unique experience.

During the summer, visitors at GeoCenter Møns Klint can go snorkeling with one of the center's nature guides. Equipment (mask, snorkel and wetsuit) is available for free. On snorkeling trips, participants can experience not only the Baltic Sea's diverse flora and fauna but also the white, chalky seabed. It is here that hidden fossils are washed up and suddenly reappear after 70 million years. Explore the coastal ocean with your snorkel and take home the fossils you discover!

Underwater Experience

Snorkeling at Møns Klint is open to anyone with an entrance ticket to the exhibition. The snorkeling trips require no special skills, but it must be booked in advance and children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Information about the snorkeling tours during the summer holidays can be found on the homepage.

When purchasing a ticket at Geocentre Møns Klint, you also get a seasonal ticket which gives access to the exhibition, the new theme exhibition ‘The first Dinosaur’, the 3D cinema, mountain biking, tree climbing and to the exploration of the fossil beach plus many more exciting experiences.

Please check for snorkeling timetable.